are you supposed to get your real estate agent a gift after closing?

We just closed on our first house. Is it customary to give a gift to the real estate agent? If so, what is appropriate? Thanks!

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  1. Luv2Answer says:

    Vice Versa. When we bought our house they gave us a gift. Remember, they just got a pay day from you.

  2. magnolia says:

    Actually, my real estate agent took us to dinner. They made the commission on the house so they should give the gift. You can, of course, give a bottle of wine or flowers if you’re so inclined, but usually it’s the agent who does the giving for having your business.

  3. Laurie F says:

    It’s a nice gesture, and if you were happy with how they handled things and how they helped you, then you should. You don’t HAVE to, but you kinda should. (Like giving a hostess gift for someone who throws you a bridal shower.)

    Feel free to give whatever you can. You could give a gift certificate to a nice local restaurant, a big bouquet of flowers in a nice vace, or make your own gift basket with lots of little things like candy, stationary, and a picture frame.

  4. Alex R says:

    No. They just made a ton of money at your expense, that is gift enough. They should however, give you a gift or two.

  5. krennao says:

    I never did, plus the commission is a gift enough. A thank you card would be sufficient if the agent took good care of you.

  6. Mr. Mortgage says:

    It should actually be them to give you a housewarming gift. You have already given them your business, and the best gift you can give to a Realtor or mortgage person that you are happy with is to give them referrals and more business. Congratulations on your first home.

  7. Stephen C says:

    your agent should get you a gift unless he or she made you tons of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! steve prudential realty

  8. michiganted says:

    If you like their services, the best “gift” that you can give is to refer them to other folks who need to buy and sell homes. That’s what keeps the roof over their head and is far more valuable to them (and inexpensive for you) than a gift.

    Nice of you to think about it though….

  9. jeanniep says:

    no, should be the other way around, they just made at least 3% off the sale, we give gift cards for like home depot or Lowe’s etc…

  10. hithere2ya says:

    In some states such as Tennessee, the broker is the only one who can compensate a licensee.

    If you wanted to take them to dinner that usually is fine, you can also send a nice “Thank You” card or, best yet send a complimentary letter to their broker, that would be great. They can then insert that letter in a resume’ and it will in turn assist that agent in obtaining more business. Testimonials of a job well done are wonderful gifts!

    There is nothing wrong in “properly” rewarding your agent for a good job, but remember they were also paid to do the job, and state law may govern gifts. Ultimately it is usually the broker’s call on whether the agent can keep “bonus” or “thank-you” compensation or not, but it still has to go thru the broker. I personally do not even collect “bonus” compensation if a property I sell to a client has a bonus attached, I discount the amount of the bonus to the buyer right off the top and then work from there to get the best deal and/or terms possible. Depending on how the deal went upon closing I may either buy a closing gift or nice dinner for 2 for my client- or take them to a nice dinner if it we got a an exceptional deal done. A large deal merits a large dinner or special gift. IRS rules also must be considered.

    Hope this helps.

  11. kemperk says:


    unless u are in Japan.

    here, most agents just want referrals.

    exc question!