How hard is being a real estate agent in alberta, canada?

I’m 19 and think i may be interested in becoming a real estate agent but i really don’t want to get myself into something i’ll hate or fail miserably at. Everyone makes it seem like it’s rocket science being a realty agent. How hard is it actually? And how hard is it to get into it? What do you have to do when starting out? Thanks!


  1. ASK88 says

    Its not rocket science but it is hard work. Your in business for yourself. Like any business person you have to have a good business plan that you follow. Like any business you also need enough financial backing to last until you start making money, around 6 months. It requires dedication. When starting out you need to get a licience to practice real estate. Go to a broker and talk to them . It use to cost about $3000 to get started (licence, signs, business cards etc). When you get your licience and pick the broker you want to work with you need to get together your business plan. This plan is a long range goal on how you are going to get business. The plan should include salery expections, the number of sales you required to meet those salery expections, what type of demographics you what to sell to (24-35 are fist time buyers). Make sure your are advertising to a group of buyers and sellers that are large enough to make your goals, daily routine to get business etc. Again this is your business , your not working for someone. No work , No pay. If you stick to your business plan , modifing when necessary and get up in the morning and go to work your will suceed.
    Alberta has a lot of porential for the furture. For the sort term it may be a bit difficult . We should know the whole story in 2010 after the US sen. elections. The good realtors in Alberta follow their plan and get to know everything thing about their business. Buyers and sellers what knowledgeable people to help them.

    So if your are not willing to dedicate yourself and be the best, find another occupation. There already is thousands of realtors in Alberta that are part timers or faking their knowledge. Its a hard grind for these realtors.