How much do real estate agents make a year when just starting off?

I live in Philadelphia, Pa and just started taking real estate courses and would like to know what they make a year on average?

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6 Responses to “How much do real estate agents make a year when just starting off?”

  1. PIE R SQUARED says:

    Be prepared to make VERY LITTLE for the first year.

  2. jessicah b says:

    it depends what neighborhoods you are selling in. the housing market is down so you wouldnt be making much at all. in fact, you may make nothing for a long time.

  3. says:

    You work on commission so it is hard to say.
    A lot depends on how well you prospect in getting clients. Starting off is very slow for a new agent. Be willing to get with other agents and ask if they will be willing to let you set in open houses for them. I know my first two years I sat and held open house’s 6 days a week till I got my client base working. Most agents hold a house open on weekends only, but for myself by setting in a home 6 days a week by the end of the year it brought me 1.5 new home sales per month by the year end,besides the used home sales, and the listings I picked up in doing so. Good Luck

  4. Stacy says:

    A really good estimate is ZERO, unless you have a bunch of friends and relatives looking to buy/sell very soon and they don’t mind helping you cut your teeth. Plan on having an alternate source of income for at least the first year.

  5. Landlord says:

    The first year I am sure the average is less then zero. They are more likely to be out of pocket 5-6k for all of the fees involved.

    The average agent only sells one house a year, and that is figuring in all of the ones that sell hundreds.

    Only about 10% of agents are good enough to support themselves, most have a partner that that rely on as they give it a go.

  6. Little Mama says:

    Well I don’t live in phili. but i have only been selling real estate for 6 mos. and have already had 2 closings and cleared about 5,500.00 but i also have 7 listings.And 2 contracts in the works. It’s not going as quickly as i hoped. But it’s a good learning pace. I love this business. It’s Great. hope this helped somewhat. Chin-up you’ll do fine.